Wedding Planning & COVID-19

Wedding planning & COVID-19 two things I never thought I would say. This is sure wreaking havoc within the wedding industry, and I wanted to take a moment to chat with all those couples out there that are in the process of postponing and or are looking to postpone. I also wanted to take a moment to put my thoughts down for all those fabulous wedding vendors that are going through this tough time. 

Rather you’re a couple getting married or a wedding vendor navigating these difficult times, we all need to remember that we’re in this together. It is not just you being effected; it is every single person worldwide. 

Couples, your wedding vendors understand that this is the most stressful time for you right now. We know that your day may not feel the same emotionally. What I first would like to put out there for those couples that feel sad about their day either being postponed or not happening is this, You will get married, and you will celebrate with your family and friends. When this virus ends, you and your family and friends will have something even more significant to celebrate, and that is, that we all made it through this. 

Have no doubt all you wonderful brides & grooms; we will get through this. There are going to be some trying times, some emotional downfalls, and maybe even some financial upset. But we will get through this, and you will be able to have your wedding. Below are some tips that we feel are important to remember! 

  1.  Stay Calm and make informed choices. Don’t let what is happening around you and on social media make you make a rash choice. We are still early in this and you need to look at all the facts before you postpone your event. 
  2. Postpone, don’t cancel. If you cancel, you are more apt to lose money vs. postponing to another date where funds can be transferred. 
  3. Try as hard as you can to postpone to the same year, later this summer, or even change it up and have a fun winter wedding! 
  4. Think about having your wedding on a weekday, like a Wed-Thursday so that your guests can stay for the entire weekend, and you have not just a two-day event but a 4-5 day event where you can spend time with those people. 
  5. Remember, that your vendor is there for you, make sure that you’re having open honest communication. We understand this is upsetting, but try and remember that your vendor will do the very best they can for you. Try and remember that they are going through a really rough time as well.

Wedding Vendors: Below are some tips and or advice that I have come to learn in the way of how to survive as a business in the current state we are in. 

  1.  Be the voice for your clients, you do this by remaining calm, remaining positive, and learning about all the facts. Facts from the CDC and the World Health organization and your local governments. Not from social media and news outlets. 
  2. Make sure you are chatting with your couples, once a week and updating them on where you and your company stand, what your plans are and what options they have. Communication at this very moment is the single most crucial thing you can do. 
  3. Postpone your events to the same year. If you postpone to the following year, you are going to lose money and losing money right now is not where you want to be. 
  4. Honor your contract. If your contract says non-refundable deposits and or current payments, honor that. Remember if you start going back on your contract it can be the downfall for your company. This is not being mean, this is being a conscious business owner. 
  5. In that very same breath, work with your current clients as much as you can. Give them all the facts about what postponing means and what dates are open. Allow their monies to be transferred to later in the year, maybe give them an extra little something like additional floral for the day, a different photo session, money off to plan another event, so many options to go above and beyond for your clients and now more then ever we need to do that. 
  6. If you are struggling to make ends meet, look at loans, funds from your bank that you go to and postponing credit card payments as many are now doing this. My other thought is to not change your client’s payment dates even if they postpone. You’re still doing the work and you’re still going to show up to carry out that marvelous day. 
Wedding planning & COVID-19


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