50 Wedding Cake Ideas

01/50: Rose tiers

Layer after layer of roses to separate each of these four semi-naked tiers.

Credit: Photography by avery

02/50: Tropical

Incredible birds of paradise flower to spice up this simple white wedding cake.

Credit: Gingerale photography 

03/50: Peony pink

Pink peonies cover this stunning white textured buttercream cake.

Credit: Cape cod celebrations 

04/50: Greenery

The simplicity of this white textured cake is complemented by the greenery that wraps around each and every tier. 

Credit: J. Harper Photography

05/50: Ombre

The gradients of this blue ombre wedding cake is accompanied by blush floral accents.

Credit: Jessica petterson photography

06/50: Cherry Blossoms

A sprig of cherry blossoms to enhance the elegance of this wedding cake.

Credit: Daria Lorman Photography

07/50: Something Blue

This couple’s something blue came from their three-tiered wedding cake with spotted sugar flowers.

Credit: Cipriano Palmer photography

08/50: botanical wedding cake

This cakes botanical garden feel is everything. From the faded teal background to the immense floral accents. 

Credit: Cynz Cakes 

09/50: Gold Leaves

A simple four-tiered white cake is enlivened by these gold floral highlights.

Credit: Samantha Leigh Studios 

10/50: one-tier wedding cake

There is something so special and elegant about a one-tiered wedding cake. 

Credit: hannah cooper photography

11/50: totally teal 

Nature inspired teal wedding cake topped with gold macarons and flakes.

Credit: Angie and marko photography

12/50: dark and dramatic

The contrast between the deep dark colors and the lively florals is something so special.

Credit: John barwood photography

13/50: White on white

The simplicity of a white on white wedding cake gives such a modern and elegant feel.

Credit: whitney hunt photography

14/50: Ferns

A semi-naked wedding cake on top of a gold platter with ferns to display a rustic and woodsy ambience.

Credit: J. Harper Photography

15/50: Beautiful beige

A beige marble three-tiered cake piled with white and blush florals.

Credit: Ulviyya Mammadova photography 

16/50: Statement tier 

Nothing quite like a statement tier to incorporate a pop of color in your wedding cake.

Credit: Michelle boyd studio

17/50: Floral base

Set your style wedding cake atop a floral base for sheer elegant look. 

Credit: Rustic white photography 

18/50: Cheese wheels

Want something a little more unique? Try a cheese alternative filled with figs, grapes, and any cheese you want!

Credit: Cassandra Lane photography 

19/50: Doughnut stack

Cheese wheel not your style? Try a dessert of doughnut stack and fill it with your favorite dessert!

Credit: Louisa Jones photography 

20/50: Dried floral accents

A semi-naked cake with undertones of burnt orange and yellow add the perfect touch for a rustic cake.

Credit: North country cakes 

21/50: Marble effect 

A four-tiered wedding cake with a grey and white marbled effect.

Credit: Samm blake photography

Planner: Jaclyn Watson Events

22/50: Dessert stack 

Can’t decide your favorite dessert? Pick them all and turn it into the coolest modern wedding cake. 


23/50: orchid wedding cake

Fresh white orchids to top off this pink ombre cake with rose gold foil accents. 

Credit: sweet bakes 

24/50: Bird of paradise flower 

This bird of paradise wedding cake emits the best tropical vibe.

Credit: soul photography

25/50: Naked wedding cake 

Why not expose the beauty of each and every layer? Topped with gorgeous colorful roses and dahlias.

Credit: maytree photography

26/50: Nearly naked wedding cake

A simple nearly-naked rustic wedding cake atop a slab of wood with classic white roses.

Credit: Kendall and Will 2016

27/50: Pressed flower 

A simple two-tiered white cake with a unique twist of pressed wildflowers.  

Credit: TSp Cakes

28/50: Textured details 

The textured buttercream details take this traditional white cake up a notch. 

Credit: Michelle lindsay photography 

29/50: Spring yellow 

Pastel colors are perfect for a spring wedding, and don’t forget to top them with seasonal flowers.

Credit: Loren Demarco photography 

30/50: Drip cake

This raspberry jam dripping off the side of this chocolate based cake is everything. 

Credit: Kirke Photography and erica o’brien cake design

31/50: Color block cake

Can’t pick a favorite pastel color,  add them all and top it off with figs and florals. 

Credit: J. Harper Photography

32/50: Copper cake

A copper tier base along with a classic white tier to balance the tones. 

Credit: millie holoman photography 

33/50: Splitting at the seams

Floral split cake filled with blush roses. 

Credit: katch silva photography and chasing wang 

34/50: Be fruitful

Delicious blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries line each tier.

Credit: Olga Hogan photography

35/50: Olive leaf accents

Olive leaf accents, a simple but stylish look that never goes out of style.

Credit: Jennifer Bowen photography

36/50: Pretty in pink

A subtle pink cake with gold foil to separate the two tiers.

Credit: Phoenix sweets 

37/50: Bold topper 

A custom wedding cake topper is unique to the couple and has special meaning. 

Credit: becca and andrew 

38/50: Ruffled wedding cake

A ruffled wedding cake is so versatile for any wedding style you have.

Credit: Simone and andrew 

39/50: Square

Think outside the box with this unique semi-naked square berry wedding cake.

Credit: Allison jeffers photography

40/50: Textured mauves

Romantic marbled mauve wedding cake with classic red roses.

Credit: Jamie rae photography

41/50: Rustic wedding cake

Incorporate rusty orange and reds along with dried florals to create the perfect rustic wedding cake.

Credit: emilee Carpenter photography

42/50: Neutral + earthy

A semi-naked three-tiered cake with faded orange and white roses.

Credit: JAG studios photography

43/50: Elegant emerald 

A bold emerald green and white wedding cake with a gold ring and gold accents for a more modern feel.

Credit: Bayou rose photography 

44/50: Cranberry cake

Cranberry accents are great for a fall or woodland themed wedding.

Credit: Carrie joy photography 

45/50: Naked cake with jam filling 

A naked wedding cake with jam and powdered sugar, where could you go wrong.

Credit: Leah Vis photography 

46/50: Lavender and eucalyptus 

Fresh lavender and eucalyptus wrapped around each simple white tier.

Credit: Holly clark photography

47/50: Vintage-inspired

One trend that never dies it going old school, old thing made new through a wedding cake.


48/50: Watercolor cake

A simple three-tiered white wedding cake with burgundy watercolor accents and gold flakes.

Credit: Sweets by sam

49/50: Decadent chocolate

Think outside the box with a bold, rich, a delicious chocolate wedding cake.

Credit: pogo photo

50/50: Fresh fruit toppings

Keep things simple with a textured white wedding cake with figs, cherries, and blackberries to top it off. 

Credit: simone and andrew

JWE Team  

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