Unique Guest Book Ideas

While there are many wedding traditions, some popular and some that are fading away, keep the guest book! If you still have your high school yearbook, you can probably appreciate how fun it is to look back and reminisce. Unlike that questionable hairstyle or fashion choice, hopefully, you can flip through your guest book with no regrets! Here are some ideas on how to incorporate creativity into your guest book.

Vintage Photo Guest Book: Whichever idea you decide to go with, make sure that the place where you have your guestbook is very noticeable and in plain sight. And what better way to grab your guest’s attention than with a vintage-inspired photo wall? Leave an instant print polaroid camera with a few fine point sharpies and watch your guests go wild. You’ll get many hilarious selfie, especially from your not so tech-savvy guests. You can either frame all the pictures in a collage format with a big frame or put them in an album that has space to write advice and messages in.

Time Capsule: Leave small notebooks on each table with the corresponding number and let your guests write their sentiments and advice while they wait for their food to arrive. Read each book on the corresponding anniversary and try not to peek!

Recipe Book: They say that food is the way to someone’s heart, and if that includes grandma’s homemade fudge recipe, then I’m all in. Instead of having the guest leave a message, have them come with their favorite recipe! Have them write it on a 4×6 index card and slip it into a photo album for an instant cookbook that will come in handy when you’re missing your favorite family dishes. This way, guests can show their love and appreciation without having to think of a creative message to leave you.

Eco-Friendly: For an eco-friendly couple, it is a no brainer to make your guest book reusable. Instead of a physical book, consider buying a large vase or pot that can be written on and have all of your guests sign it as if it were a book. Then pop in your favorite plant or herb!

Interactive Question Cards: Set up a small table at your reception venue and place a few boxes with different prompts on the table. They can be things like a fond memory, good advice, or even a recipe. Have your guests fill out a card and you and your partner will have a fun time reading them after the wedding.

A Quilted Guest Book: Keep nice and toasty by having your guests sign square pieces of fabric. Have your maid of honor take these at the end of the wedding and turn them into a beautiful quilt that matches your wedding color palette. It can even be hung on your wall as a nice reminder!

Shadow Box: This concept is super customizable in terms of set up and materials. The idea is that you have a slim glass or see-through box where guests can drop in a message or their name. For example, if your wedding is rustic chic themed, consider having guests write a message on circular cut-outs and then sliding them into the box. It is beautiful and a spectacular keepsake after the wedding. 

Adventure Ideas: Instead of fumbling to come up with a witty message, give the bride and groom fun ideas of where to go and what to do for future dates or anniversaries. Think of bucket list items or things you think the new couple should try out.

Travel Recommendations: For a fun alternative on the previous idea, purchase a fun globe or atlas and have your guests mark up where you should go to next. Supply sticky notes or thumb tacks and have them pin or stick a destination they think you will enjoy.

There are so many different options for wedding guest books and most of them are not even a physical book! Take the time to assess the type of wedding you want to have and then have fun picking your version of a guest book.

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