You’re engaged! What are the next ten steps after saying yes?

The love of your life asks you to marry him/her and while you are jumping around with excitement, you suddenly realize you have no clue how to start the wedding planning process. Don’t panic, read on to discover how to proceed!
Step 1: Celebrate! Take some time to relax and fully embrace this new chapter in your life. As you near closer to the date of your wedding, chances are you will start to feel the pressure and stress that builds as you plan your wedding day. Don’t fret, enjoy the process.
Step 2: Gather inspiration. It can be really fun to start to look at decor like lighting or table settings and to figure out what your style is. Are you a laid back beach bride or are you picturing yourself wearing a cathedral length train in church? The mood of your wedding often is reflected in your decor and in your attire. Check out Pinterest for thousands of ideas from food to accessories to photography.
Step 3: Once you have an idea of what you like it’s time to set your budget. No matter how big or small your budget is, determine what your must-haves are for your big day. Consider making a list of things that are important to least important to you. If you absolutely need a highly decorated five-tiered cake to impress your guests, then budget for it. Be realistic and get price estimates for each item on your list. 
Step 4: If at this point you are starting to feel overwhelmed with planning your wedding details, consider letting an experienced wedding planner like Jaclyn Watson Events to assist you in creating your dream wedding.

Step 5: Pick your wedding party. Curious on how to pick the right people for the job? Check out “Everything you should consider when choosing your bridesmaids.” Don’t forget to let everyone know you are engaged!
Step 6: Think about setting a date. Are you and your fiance okay with having a long engagement or can you just not wait to elope? Do you want a winter wedding or a summer wedding? Will the ceremony take place in the afternoon or evening? Start to consider which aspects are important to you and what time of year will make it easiest for everyone you love most to attend. If you are dead set on having a holiday-themed wedding, you’ll want to think carefully about what day to have your wedding due to anticipated weather conditions for your area, travel congestion, and so that you can give friends and family adequate notice.
Step 7: Pick your venue. Remember the list of must-haves we made earlier? If your venue was at the top of your list as well as food, lighting, sound, etc., then you ought to make sure that your venue can accommodate your needs. Ask the venue for references from other brides or read reviews in addition to touring the facility to make sure you’re a match.
Step 8: Choose your wedding dress. Now that you know your style, your budget, and your venue you probably have some ideas on what kind of dress you want to wear. When you schedule your bridal appointment, take friends and family who you think will understand your vision of how you want to look on your wedding day. Try a few different silhouettes to understand what you love and what you hate. Most importantly, choose the dress YOU fall in love with, not the one you think your family likes the best or what you think your significant other will like.
Step 9: Determine the food, flowers, and photographer. Who said that planning can’t be fun too? Take your fiance and make time to taste test your cake, appetizers, and entrees. Visit with florists to get an idea of their work as well as quotes for centerpieces and greenery. Talk to photographers who can capture you and you’re betrothed in all your glory. Consider whether you want to do a first look. 
Step 10: Let everything fall into place. When you look back on your wedding day years later, you won’t remember all of the small details that kept you awake at night. You’ll remember what matters most which is your husband or wife and your family. 

Although planning can be stressful, take some time along the way to enjoy the process. Delegate tasks to friends and family that aren’t as important to you and take control of the aspects you really want to have included. Enjoy your wedding journey!

xoxo Marissa,

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