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When you plan a wedding or event without four permanent walls, you must consider weather complications on your big day! A tent is not grounded like a permanent venue is, even semi-permanent floors are not technically grounded. A lightning storm might disrupt your grandfather’s speech, high winds, have blown tents into the ocean, heavy rains could flood the center of your tent. These are all extreme weather conditions that we have to plan for and work around when the worst happens. Luckily, your tenting companies and wedding professionals do this for a living, and they will help create plans and see them through if necessary! On an easier to manage scale, temperatures can also be quite fickle! This can often be solved with heaters & fans, but remember, this is still an important factor to consider. However, whether it means investing in a floor, or bringing in an AC unit, the same lack of permanence is what makes tented weddings so desirable! You and your guests can enjoy that cool summer breeze, you can feel the sun shining down on you, or enjoy the foliage of that perfect New England autumn. You and your guests have easy in and out access to nature’s best, whether it’s gloriously manicured gardens or sand between your toes, it’s four steps to the left and you’re there!

Building from the Ground Up Tenting on historical properties, private estates, parklands, farms, and other undeveloped areas means that you are bringing in everything. Everything means a kitchen, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, electrical power, lighting, garbage disposal, all your tables, chairs, stage… the list goes on and on, and the endless array of things that permanent venues already have on the property! This directly correlates with your budget. The benefits of that outdoor feel or the opportunity to host your event at your family home also mean that perhaps there’s a little more budgeting to monitor. Rentals can quickly add up when you are building from the ground up. The upside to this, however, is that you can custom tailor everything. A permanent venue may see similar weddings several weeks in a row, a tented space could see several very different variations in that same timeframe. Prioritize, ask questions, learn why one table is more expensive than the other, find out if there have ever been weather problems at that site, educate yourself and surround yourself with a creative team you trust and your tented event will be amazing! 

We hope you have a fabulous Wedding day and thank you for reading Tenting advice with New England Tent Girl herself.

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Tenting advice with New England Tent Girl herself.

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