Wedding Signature Cocktails and why you should have them!

Wedding Signature Cocktails and Why You Should Have Them! 

What is a signature cocktail?

A signature cocktail is a drink or two… or three that represent you! Your wedding is YOUR day, and you should have what YOU love. If you’ve spent hours and hours planning all the lovely details of your wedding, we can’t let a plain bottle of beer set the tone for the night. 

Why have one?

You may be thinking, well, isn’t the cake, florals, centerpiece, and entertainment enough?! We like to think of signature cocktails as the cherry on top; it ties everything together while encompassing who you are as a couple.


Having an open bar or hiring a bartender/mixologist for the night can be expensive. Serving your own fun and unique kegged cocktails is a much cheaper option. Sticking to three or so ingredients for your cocktail recipe will help reduce the bill- and who doesn’t want that?!

Reflection of the Couple

After an incredibly planned day, what do you want your guests to remember? Most likely, they won’t remember the song of your first dance or napkin placement – and while of course, those are important – there is no way they are going to forget that creative signature cocktail name or delicious tasting drink they couldn’t get enough of. 

It’s Trendy!

The trend of having a signature cocktail is no dying down anytime soon. Now is the perfect time to introduce them to your wedding plans. Having fun and creative name for your drinks can create beautiful memories for your guests, don’t forget to list the ingredients! 

Recipe Inspiration

  1. Boozy Bourbon + Peach Smash
  2. Ginger Grapefruit Bourbon Sour
  3. Sparkling Summer Peach
  4. St. Germain Spritz
  5. Bee’s Knees
  6. Old Fashioned
  7. Whiskey Smash
  8. Paloma
  9. Blueberry Mojito 
  10. Champagne Mojitos

Happy Planning!

The JWE Team

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