Marriage License Information

A marriage license is one of the most important things you will need for your big day. In this short blog piece, we will talk about how to obtain your marriage license and what is needed.

The great thing about Marriage Licenses now is that you no longer have to do blood tests like back in the olden days. It is a fairly quick painless process that the town clerk can help you with!

The first step when obtaining a marriage license is to find the town clerk office in which you want to be married, for example, if your getting married in Stowe Vermont, then you want to use the Stowe Town Clerk. Now there is an exception to this rule, if you can not make it to the town clerk in time then you simply need to find a town clerk in the state your getting married. For this purpose, we will use Vermont.

The second step into getting your marriage license is to make sure you know the hours of the town clerk. Onto the third step, which is to go and fill out the paperwork required to obtain it. You can also fill it out online and bring it with you. Here is a great link for marriage Licenses in Vermont.

When you fill out your paperwork please remember to bring 2 forms of ID, like a birth certificate and passport, or passport and license. You will need to know your parent’s full names and dates of births. You can get your marriage license a month ahead of time or even a couple of days before! Here is a great link on timing and other pertinent info!

Once you have your marriage license you simply give that to your officiant and you will be golden.

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