Our number one goal at Jaclyn Watson Events is to tell your story in a compelling way and we firmly believe that each client has their own style and personality that needs to shine through. Our approach with each event is to come with fresh creativity and excitement! Planning an event that is as distinctive as you are, requires creativity, leadership, and project management skills. When you choose our family we begin by discovering what inspires and captivates you from the lifestyle that you lead and love, to what your favorite thing to wear are. With an understanding of this information, we will design every detail of your wedding from the creatives we choose to the colors we pick, all with your unique taste in mind! With over ten years of combined industry experience we can ensure no detail is left undone and we pride ourselves on our vetted event professionals  and the relationships we have that make each wedding and event seamless. We will be there every step of the way, from the very first consultation to the last guest departure making sure you have the most amazingly and memorable event possible wherever you choose.

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