A walk down the aisle with your furry friend

If you have a special four-legged friend, don’t worry, we got you covered! First off we have to make sure whether the location and venue are pet friendly. Keep reading if you want to know 10 different ways to incorporate your dog into your wedding. 

10 Ways to Include Your Four-Legged Friend in YOUR wedding

  1. Walk down the aisle together 

Your dog has been there for you through your up’s and down’s, why not have them escort you down the aisle for your big day?

  1. Pose for pictures

Pose your pup with you while you get ready for a shot that you don’t want to miss. 

  1. Dress your pup in festive attire

Who could resist a pup in a bow tie? Let you pup dress up with you! 

  1. Take photos together 

Gather you bridesmaids or family for an unforgettable photo opportunity. 

  1. Have your pup be a ring bearer

If your four-legged friend is obedient, consider having them carry a pillow as they strut down the aisle (but of course the real rings will go to the best man)

  1. Have company at the alter

Don’t leave your pup out of the ceremony! Have them join you at the alter! How could you resist this guy with you on your special day?

  1. Take engagement photos together 

If you can’t include your pup in the actual wedding, here is a great alternative. Take engagement photos together! 

  1. Add an illustration to the invitation suite/think about other paper goods as well

Get creative will illustrations of your dog on your save-the-date, invitations, escort card display, cocktail napkins, and other wedding stationary. 

  1. Your pup can make a special appearance on your signature drink menu

Make your dog’s name a play-on word to incorporate your signature drink. Or simply name a cocktail after them!

  1. Flower dog 

If your pup is well behaved, they can carry a basket of flowers in their mouth, as the flower girl spreads the petals.

Happy Planning !

The JWE Team

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