March 3, 2018

The Engaged Millennial and exceptional experiences

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 The Engaged Millennial and exceptional wedding experiences is where we are at today!

The  Engaged Millenial is informed  and looking for an exceptional experience that will leave them and their guests with lasting memories and feeling like they made connections with the people around them on various levels. The Millennial age is the world we will live in for many more years to come, and after that comes Generation X! My own fabulous event producer is a millennial and to be honest, I’m 40 and not considered part of the group, I often find myself relating to the mindset of the younger generation while still longing for many of the older traditional ways.

I am here to reassure you that the Millennial Era did not bring Armageddon. Embrace and learn from the Millenial and they will learn from you. I love that they are a generation hungry with desire, creativeness, passion and, believe it or not, extreme dedication to their challenging careers. That’s something many people overlook this generation for, and it’s something we can all share in common. They are also researchers, more than ever before! When your phone rings or you get that first email, know that a millennial already knows your backstory.

As wedding professionals we have to educate our clients on why we charge what we do, but don’t think for one minute that the potential clients don’t already know what your job description entails. When I talk with my clients I will ask, “What are you looking for from a wedding planner? What do you want from me? How can we make your wedding into the story about you? How do we make your family and friends feel, not only captivated when they walk in, but like they just got to know you on a deeper level?”

As the planner/designer, photographer, caterer, musician, the goal should be to create an environment in which the couple can feel free to create with you. An environment where they can feel free to talk openly without being judged on what they say or think. Creative Freedom at its very best! Remember though, establish working boundaries, it’s a two-way street and respect goes both ways.

A Bride with her bridesmaids wearing blue robes Millennial Bride and Groom in Pet friendly Wedding lakeside luxury weddingThe Engaged Millennial and exceptional experiences