Event Planning & Consulting Services


Corporate: Planning & Design



Full Planning

If you are looking to create a unique experience for your employees to show your appreciation or celebrate a milestone or holiday, we would love to create and plan a design for you! Full planning for corporate events will include an in-depth discussion of what you are looking to create for your company, what you have done before and why you would like this to be a different experience for them. We will put together a creative team that matches both the event and your company so as to produce an unforgettable experience for all attendees. We will help with all coordination and logistics, down to transportation and room blocks if necessary. In addition, this includes a JWE team member on site to oversee the production of your event from start to finish, allowing you to partake in your event with your coworkers and enjoy the festivities.



Partial Planning

If you are looking to host a small event for your company, whether it’s a holiday dinner or a weekend retreat, and don’t have the time to research, plan and book all the involved aspects, partial corporate planning may be the right choice for you. We will do the research, provide you with concise options and then coordinate with your chosen vendors to plan your event. Please contact us to learn more about what may best fit your company’s needs.

Jaclyn Watson Events offers planning and design for both weddings and corporate affairs, as well as consulting styling services. We look forward to learning about your event!



What is a realistic wedding budget?

Every wedding and couple is different from one another, from guest count to design elements. We encourage our couples to come up with their max budget; what is the number you do not want to go over? Our role is to help layout the best ways to distribute those funds based on your priorities. This is your investment, and we want you to have all the choices you can!


What is a first look?

A first look is when a couple plans time to see one another prior to their ceremony. This is a great way to have an intimate reveal and get all the pre-wedding jitters out. It is also a time for couples to get all their couple & formal portraits finished early. This allows the couple to then enjoy their cocktail hour with their guests, instead of being away taking all their photos during that time.


03. Do we have to work with your choice wedding pros?

When you hire JWE as your planning company, it is our job to help guide you through the event planning process. We have vetted and trust the wedding professionals we send your way, and hope that you will also. We will always provide options, and are open to your suggestions for new vendors whom we may not have worked with before!


Is it ok to limit our guest list

Not interested in invited all your extended family? That’s okay! Your guest list is growing too large, and you want to skip plus ones? That’s okay! Looking to host an adults-only event? That’s okay too! We’ll help you cut down your list, maneuver invitation wording and provide childcare services to accommodate your needs.


What design elements makes the biggest impact?

Lighting sets the mood for your entire event. From countless candles to chandeliers and twinkling lights, lighting helps to elevate any design! We’re here to guide you in what makes the most sense for your style and budget, but wholeheartedly feel that there is lighting out there for everyone!


06. Full Planning vs Partial Planning: How do we choose?

Full planning is for the person who doesn’t have time in their day to dedicate to planning an event. We’re here to lift that stress and create streamline task lists so that you can continue in your routine, whether its work, family or hobbies that fills your time. Our forty hour a week job IS your event. Partial planning means JWE is your part-time hire, this incurs a lot more responsibility on your part. The final question becomes: How much time do you have or want to dedicate to planning your event? Do you realistically have that time in your day?