As a planner, we are often asked about Bridal party gifts for the wedding party. Three of the most common questions are:

      What should we do? How much should we spend and is this mandatory?

      Gifting your bridal party is always optional. First and foremost, it is an honor that you have asked them to be a part of your wedding experience via being in your wedding in the first place. Adding a nice thank, you gift onto that is always nice as they are after all for the most part purchasing attire for the wedding day that you want.

      When it comes to what to do and how much to spend, this is very much custom. Each person you have asked means something to you and each gift can be custom to that person, or you can get the same thing for everyone.

      We recently chatted with groovy guy gifts, and they sent us a great custom wood box engraved with the groomsmen name and a beautiful leather wallet. Perfect for any groomsmen gift. Some other thoughts for the Gentlemen are cufflinks, flasks, humidors, bar sets, knives, backpacks and much more. We recommend checking out their site for all the groomsman at

      As for the ladies, some great ideas include but are not limited to: pashminas, scarves, custom flasks, robes, weekend bags, custom blankets, and jewelry. One of my favorite places to look is at