Wedding Proffesionals for Hire

How do you value the wedding proffessionals that you are hiring? The Wedding industry is different than any other industry out there because your not just hiring us for our knowledge but for our passion, skills, design, leadership abilities and the many more words that describe what a wedding proffesional is.  For the sake of this blog post I will reference planners and what they do and our intrinsic value.  You the client are so important to us the wedding creative.
As a planner and designer, I pride myself on not just making sure that all the logistical aspects of a wedding are met but that the overall design speaks to who my couples are and what they need their guests to walk away feeling.

Any planner that you work with, will have the same base line of how we plan logistically, how we find and coordinate with the right wedding pros that match you the client.  What makes us different from one another is how we work with you, how we see the various degrees of design elements within your wedding, how we tell your story and what we can bring to the table via our personalities, knowledge, and skill levels.

When looking at a planner ask these questions to yourself. Will the planner have your best interest at heart when choosing your wedding pros with you? Do they listen to you and get what your wanting to convey to your guests in way of design? Do they want you to keep spending more money or keep you on track with the budget you have? Are they open to your ideas and your thought concepts? Will they challenge you in a good way to be your individual selves so that you truly do have a unique wedding that is not like everyone else’s.  Will they stay at arms length or will they get to truly know who you are?

Often times, I am asked why do you charge more then this planner or less then another. Here is my thoughts on pricing. Here at Jaclyn Watson Events, we charge what were worth. That means your paying for my event producer, myself, our time finding your creative team, our time creating your design with that team, our time working with you the client from start to finish, (which is often a year or more and over 200 hours) and most importantly our time to carry out and produce your event to the level that you are expecting- not hoping, preying, or dreaming of- but EXPECTING! What most don’t realize is that I am a small business and that means I have to pay taxes, pay employees, pay for advertising and the list goes on- to get you the amazing client that I now have, thats all apart of what a planner or any wedding pro is worth. Your creatives that you hire are usually small business entrepenuaers that are putting their heart and sole into your event, so don’t negotiate them to death, but remember this is their livelihood, their passion, and their family time being handed to you because its what we love doing.


Jackie Watson