Love Letters

Here is what our past clients are saying about their experience with Jaclyn Watson Events!


Where do I start? Well, it began with me thinking the idea of a wedding planner was ridiculous. My Mom thought it would be a good idea and got in touch with Jackie from Jaclyn Watson Events, so when Jackie wanted to meet with me and my now husband, we were both very skeptical. After working with her I can tell you that hiring Jackie was THE BEST THING we did for the wedding. Hands. Down. She is professional, knows how to have fun and truly loves what she does for a living. Get tough on a vendor to get what you need? Done. Create a perfect working Team- Done.  Take a phone call from a stressed out bride and simply be a friend? Done. Negotiate between a Mother and Daughter so everyone is happy? Done. And on top of that, she added elements of surprise to our wedding that made me think she had known us for years, not the 6 months in which we planned our wedding. I can say now that there is no way our wedding would have happened to even a degree of what it was if it wasn’t for Jackie. She might live in a small town in Vermont but her work would challenge any metropolitan wedding planners.

Sharon & Mike


We are so happy that we hired Jackie during our wedding planning process! Originally we thought about just hiring her for day-of coordination, but we quickly realized that planning a wedding for 230 people from afar would be a significant challenge. Jackie was excellent to work with. She was wonderful about listening to our wish lists for the wedding, but kept us on track in terms of how our choices would impact our budget. She put us in touch with amazing vendors who ultimately came together on the day of the wedding to create an absolutely unbelievable event. Lucy and Stephanie on the day of the wedding were amazing!! They kept a very large bridal party organized, kept us on schedule, helped with the setup and breakdown of the decor, made sure we were happy and calm, and took care of every detail. Any time I felt like I needed anything they were magically by my side. Throughout the 8 month planning process, we SO appreciated Jackie and her staff’s calm demeanor, expertise, professionalism, and dedication to making our wedding exactly what we wanted. We highly recommend Jaclyn Watson Events!!

M & R


I can’t imagine going through the process of planning our wedding at Topnotch Resort in Stowe, VT without Jackie by our side every step. She was absolutely wonderful to work with – knowledgable on local VT vendors, creative with unique and personalized ideas, and responsive to every single call, text and email. Jackie went above and beyond both during the months leading up to our wedding as well as the weekend of. I would highly recommend Jackie, you won’t regret it!

M & M


Jackie Watson was the wedding planner for our daughter’s wedding at Topnotch in Stowe, VT. We could not be happier with her services!! Jackie was a wonderful resource for local service providers, and kept us on schedule with the myriad of details that come with a weekend destination wedding. She made great suggestions that enhanced our experience and reminded us of upcoming deadlines as they approached. Her experience and professionalism combined with her warmth and gentle humor kept our stress level to a minimum and allowed us to fully enjoy the wedding weekend without worries! We highly recommend Jaclyn Watson Events for anyone considering a wedding in the Vermont area!! Thanks Jackie!!!

Cara & Bob


I would not have been able to make it through the wedding planning process without Jackie and her team’s help. From her vast network of vendors in the greater Vermont area, to her clear passion for the job, Jackie is an incredible resource and partner when planning a wedding. She was incredibly responsive, answering my e-mails and questions often within minutes in the middle of the night (literally!), and she was able to turn the vision in my head into a reality. From contracts, to scheduling, to decor, Jackie helped keep me organized and on schedule while still having fun. Jaclyn Watson Events is an incredible planner!

C & C



L&E 3

Our daughter and son in law were married this summer at Topnotch Resort in Stowe Vt. Jackie Watson of Jaclyn Watson Events was their wedding planner. Jackie’s style sets a tone of calmness and professionalism. She was always available to talk, answer questions, or just be reassuring. Jackie’s interaction with vendors was amazing! She kept everyone on track, her timeline was great. She has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and creativity. We highly recommend Jackie Watson! Many thanks to Jackie for planning one of the happiest days of our lives, A truly Enchanted Event!!!

Lindsey & Erik



Words do not suffice to say how amazing and wonderful Jackie Watson and her team were to us during our 15 months of wedding planning! Jackie exceeded any and all expectations we had. She always went above and beyond the call of duty. She constantly worked to make sure no fires were started during the process and if any did, she helped put them out. Needless to say, we learned to trust Jackie very fast.Throughout the planning process, Jackie was so organized and was always keeping us on track with what we needed to be focusing on. This is very important in wedding planning because it is so easy to get overwhelmed with all of the details. Jackie was great at keeping us on pace, focused when we needed to be and she kept us laughing the entire time!! Her sense of humor and just easy-going, good-natured spirit really kept things stress-free for us. Not to say there weren’t hectic or stressful times, but with Jackie at our side, we managed them easier.Another wonderful gift Jackie brings to the table when you hire her and the team are her CONTACTS!! She only works with incredible vendors and she is able to sense a good fit between the couple and the vendors so she can give you exactly what you are looking for. The caterer, tent company, photographer, videographer and florist were AMAZING! They made our dream wedding come true. Jackie and I discussed my “rustic glam” vision early on and she followed me on Pinterest where I found my best ideas and everyone made the ideas and the dreams come to life! My fiancée describes our wedding day as a “fairytale”. For a man to say that, especially my husband- well that’s something special. Jackie made it all happen.We could never have had this wedding without her and the great people she brought to the table. It was the most perfect day, as all wedding days should be. Sure, there were some hiccups and bumps in the road along the way, but in the end, it did not matter one bit. That is what Jackie can give you!

Lauren & Nicci



Samantha and Mike Wedding-2970

Having planned and executed major events for my family and my company in the past, I did not think it was necessary to hire a wedding planner/coordinator. However, I decided I wanted to enjoy the day of my daughter’s wedding and hired someone. I initially hired another planner who made us feel like we were a bother just for asking for a referral and she never connected directly with my daughter, so I decided to sever the relationship and go it alone. Our incredible caterer Let’s Pretend mentioned Jackie Watson Events and a particularly stressful day prompted me to reach out to Jackie, and I am so glad that I did!!! From our first conversation, I felt that she wanted my daughter’s wedding to be the best day of her life as much as I wanted it to be. My stress level plummeted. Even though I had already had contracts in place, she came up with cost savings I never would have seen. She kept us on task, contacted every vendor, navigated some sticky situations and understood entirely what my daughter envisioned for her special day. We had spent a year collecting an eclectic mix of props and details for a lake wedding and we completely trusted Jackie and her incredibly professional team to set everything up. They created magic!!! There was a point in the final days when I thought Jackie was a mind reader as she could complete my thoughts before they came out of my mouth. Contacting Jackie and working with her crew at JW Events was the best decision I ever made (well, marrying my wonderful husband is right up there)!!!

Anita Havis



Jaclyn Watson Events literally changed my and my husband’s life. Jackie Watson was a trusted source of knowledge, planning, and advice from the very beginning of the wedding planning process. She created the easiest and most simple way of planning the entire wedding process. We planned the wedding in 6 months and my stress level was never elevated like crazy. Jaclyn Watson Events made all of that possible in addition to making the planning FUN. In meeting with Jackie, she listened to my visions and desires while also providing valuable knowledge and teaming me up with the VERY BEST Vermont wedding professionals. The results were magazine beautiful! I cannot convey how talented, reliable, fun, creative, and hardworking this team is. I absolutely am in love with every aspect of the results from working with Jaclyn Watson Events.

Winters Family



Jackie is the best. I knew we could have planned our wedding on our own, but considering we live out of state and our free time is very limited, we decided to hire Jackie to help us. Hiring Jackie was by far the best wedding planning decision we made. She helped us to hire the very best vendors and was there to answer my many many questions along the way (and very quickly too!). With her help, our wedding was infinitely better and much less stressful than if we had decided to go it alone. Jackie made sure that our event ran seamlessly. Our wedding day was so easy and stress free – we just showed up on time and everyone took care of the rest. This was all thanks to Jackie working her behind the scenes magic, and also thanks to how phenomenal our vendors were. We discussed afterwards how blown away we were with all of our vendors and how we found them all because of Jackie. Her expertise in picking vendors can really not be stressed enough. Jackie was a pleasure to work with and she took such good care of us. We will miss working with her. She helped to make our wedding day truly magical and we will be forever thankful for that.

Averi & Chris



I cannot recommend the services of JW Events highly enough! I just got married in Stowe, VT (at our home) this past weekend and hired Jackie Watson as the day of wedding coordinator. She was fantastic leading up to the wedding (came to our home several times to do a walk through of the property, contacted all vendors to ensure that everyone was appropriately coordinated, and went over all of the fine details such that no small item was overlooked). However, she was absolutely INDISPENSABLE on the actual wedding day. I was a ball of stress on the eve of our wedding thinking about all of the last minute details that still required my attention, and the minute that Jackie came onto the scene, all of that stress just melted away! She took over my entire “to-do” list in an instant. She never questioned my ideas or intentions for the wedding, simply asked how to best execute them. She ensured that the dress rehearsal ran smoothly, and on the day of the wedding, she worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was set up appropriately (NO DETAIL OVERLOOKED – AND BELIEVE ME WE HAD LOTS OF THEM) and that the whole wedding ran smoothly. I am such a do-it-yourself woman and felt for the longest time that I didn’t need a coordinator. TRUST ME ALL OF YOU DO-IT-YOURSELF WOMEN OUT THERE, YOU WANT ONE! Jackie will work with you to make sure that your day is absolutely as perfect as you envisioned, but more importantly, she will work with you to ensure that you have an absolute BALL on the actual day of your wedding. Please contact her ASAP! You will be in good hands and SHE IS WORTH IT!!!

J & M



Absolutely wonderful! Hiring Jackie and Dawn to help plan our wedding was one of the best decisions we could have made. They have fantastic relationships with all of the Vermont vendors, not to mention several other vendors we had coming from neighboring states! They were incredible about listening to what we wanted, keeping us on schedule, and making sure every one of our needs was handled by the appropriate vendor! They fought for us and made sure every detail was exactly how we imagined it! Our wedding was absolutely stunning, and with Jackie’s help we were also able to be completely present while she and Dawn took care of everything behind the scenes. Thank you so much Jaclyn Watson Events for our PERFECT wedding!!

Jake Lacy and Lauren